Holiday Parties

Holidays are always special occasions when people gather together and warmly celebrate the season of good cheer. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are special times of the year when just about everyone gets into party mode.

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Start your holiday entertainment plans with a call to Classic Catering. Whether you’re planning a blow-out company party for 1,000 or just want to order some holiday specials from our Classic Express service for your celebrations, Classic Catering has you covered. Our Event Specialists are excited to help you with a dazzling array of food and beverage selections and for our full-service events, we are also able to offer suggestions for décor, themes and entertainment.

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Maybe this is the year you want to pull out all the stops for your employees or clients, or your primary goal this year might be to enjoy getting to know your clients or employees in a more casual atmosphere with great food and great service. Either way, hiring Classic Catering is the best thing you can do to assure rave reviews! And whether you are thinking about booking a special events facility, using a private home, or staying conveniently right at your office, we will make it special for all your guests. Click the link below to see some venue location ideas for your holiday event.


Want to show appreciation to your clients or employees but need to keep it simple this year? Our Classic Express division has some tasty breakfast and lunch options we can bring right to your office, and you can even up the bar for your staff by having our staff serve it for you. (Minimums apply.)


  • You’re feeling like it’s your turn to have the friends over to kick off the holidays, or
  • You’ve always wanted to throw a little neighborhood holiday shindig, or
  • Oh boy! – The relatives are coming in and are staying for a few days . . .

Classic Catering wants to help you make this special time together memorable with great food and great service! We can help in two different ways: our full-service catering where you don’t have to prep, cook, serve or clean-up (that’s always impressive!), or make your entertaining a bit easier by just ordering exactly what you need from of our Classic Express selections – always a winner and stress-reducer! (Minimums apply.)

Whether you go traditional for the holidays or want to create something different and new for your guests, Classic Catering is here to help with bringing . . . Great Food! Great Service! Every Time!

Make this holiday memorable for you too! Pick up the phone and call today – it’s never too early to get your Holiday Party set and off your to-do list. In fact, open up the package above to find a savings for early holiday bookings!

We look forward to helping make the events surrounding your holidays delicious and memorable, but please know that Classic Catering gives Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off to ALL our staff and are not available for catering on those specific days.


Top 10 Fun Holiday Party Themes!

  • Throw a street party with casual street food like tacos, gyros and gourmet hotdogs, complete with a colorful canopy of patio umbrellas and market lights.
  • Make it a costume party! Have everyone dress up in 70’s clothes, or host a masquerade ball.
  • Revolve the party around a special cause or charity. Set up a fundraiser for the cause and do some good! A silent auction or raffle of the “best” white elephant gifts could add to the fun.
  • How about Casino Night? Always a winner!
  • Have an ugly sweater party with a hot cocoa bar and an array of holiday desserts.
  • Teach a holiday craft or baking class where everyone takes home a treat.
  • Choose a favorite holiday movie for your theme, such as A Christmas Story, Bad Santa Elf, A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street.
  • Hold a luau, and come in from the cold to a lively beach party!
  • Go global, and celebrate like they do in other countries with traditional activities and dishes from around the world.
  • Pick a color scheme and run with it! Find food and décor to match.


Our Holiday Party on Saturday was amazing; you exceeded our expectations! The service staff did an excellent job from beginning to end and the chefs outdid themselves. Comments from our staff (over & over again) were “best holiday party ever,” “amazing,”
“loved the casino theme,” “food was over the top” . . . and it goes on. Thank you for making our
holiday event so special. See you next year! ~ Pacific Cancer Care
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