Pricing Information for Weddings

Managing your spending goal is key as you plan your big day. Here is the information you’ll want to gather as you begin planning your wedding reception and what our event specialist will need to know to put together your proposal and help you stay on budget:

• Guest Count
• On-Premise Ceremony*
• Event Date & Venue
• Meal Service Style
• Special Event Rentals
• Operations Fee & Tax

*On-premise ceremonies are managed by venue managers

The estimated total price of your event will include the food and beverage minimum based on location and number of attendees, all catering staff, the special event rentals, a 19% operations charge, and applicable taxes.


Will you have your wedding ceremony at the same venue as your reception? How many people do you expect will attend? This information will help us match your needs with the ideal venue and event space.
NOTE: Most people overestimate attendance. It is easy to do. However, in our experience your actual attendance will be 30% less than you might think.


Date, time and location have an impact on venue pricing as well. Being flexible with the day of the week and the time of day can help you secure the venue of your choice and lower costs.

Choose from one of our private event venues, or the fabulous array of venues we are a preferred caterer at, or perhaps your own location.



Service style refers to the way food is served. Options include buffet, passed hors d’oeuvres, plated and stations. We can help you match the appropriate service for your style, your guests and your venue.

All events have food and beverage minimums. These minimums might vary by time and venue.

Customization or dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free or vegetarian) is also an option.


Tables, chairs, linens, tableware and serving ware are typical needs for your wedding reception. Once guest count, service style, and venue are selected, we’ll have an accurate understanding of the equipment requirements.


Included in your proposal will be the breakdown of the operations fee and applicable taxes. Sales tax depends on your venue location, and the operations fee is an industry standard “service charge” that essentially covers our costs for bringing the restaurant to you. Those costs include items such as: kitchen cooking equipment (grills, propane, ovens, burners, etc.), specialty service ware to make sure your presentation is as expected; insurances; overhead costs; warehouse staff; etc.

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